Join USHATÁVA customers club and get extra bonus rewards

You can register in our bonus program just after your first purchase in one of our showrooms or our on-line store.

If you are shopping on-line, just tick the checkbox marked “Join USHATÁVA customers club”.


Every new customer gets 1000 RUB after their first purchase.

Welcome-bonus is activated within 15 days after the purchase.

You can use them within two months in all our showrooms.


Get 1500 RUB as a birthday gift and treat yourself with a new look for your birthday party.

Birthday bonus activated if you already have a purchase.

Birthday bonus is activated one week before your birthday and is available within two week after the activation date.


Get a new status and earn more bonuses with every new purchase. You can pay 99% of the receipt with bonuses. Bonuses earned from shopping are granted in 15 days after the purchase. You can spend them in any of our showrooms.

There are three levels of status that can be achieved.

50 000 RUB — «Friénd»
100 000 RUB — «Best friénd»
200 000 RUB — «Fámily»

Earn up to 5% on every purchase:

«Friénd» members earn 3%
«Best friénd» members earn 4%
«Fámily» members earn 5%

After the first purchase in any showroom or online you are granted Clúb status. When the amount of your purchases reaches 50 000 RUB level you are transferred to Friénd status, and from that moment you will be rewarded bonuses. The more you buy, the more bonuses you receive!


You can not use bonuses on the purchase which generated them. You can either acquire or spend bonuses at the same time.

To check the amount of bonuses collected, use your personal account. In checkout, click on "use bonuses" button. You can pay with bonuses 99% of purchase.

You can also use bonuses to pay for discounted items. Discounts and bonuses are allowed to be used at the same time.

If you return any goods purchased with your bonuses, the bonuses that you used for that purchase would be refunded to your bonus account. The refunded bonuses would expire on the same date as before the purchase.

If refunded bonuses expire before the refund date, they would become unavailable.

The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the bonus program at any time.


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