History of our brand

From their very childhood, designers Alisa Ushakova and Nino Shamatava have been passionate about fashion and tried to express themselves through clothing. That was anything but simple. They could not afford to buy premium brands while the mass-market segment did not meet their requirements. Alisa and Nino started tailoring garments for themselves, and very soon their designs became popular among friends and acquaintances.

Having studied the whole process of clothing production – from pattern making to fabrication – the designers started hand-tailoring of their first creations. Alisa and Nino set up USHATÁVA in the summer of 2015. The name of the brand is formed by combining the first few letters of the girls’ last names.

The first USHATÁVA show-room was opened in Yekaterinburg sharing a space with a beauty-studio. The brand picked up steam quickly and soon were in need of a new and more spacious area for the customers’ convenience. As well as finding a new location creation of a website was completed so that USHATÁVA collections were available for purchase all over the world.

In the summer of 2016, the Yekaterinburg show-room moved to a new, more cozy, space. In the same year in autumn, new show-rooms were opened in Moscow and Sochi as well. Website USHATÁVA.com was established at the end of 2016. Saint-Petersburg’s USHATÁVA show-room opened its doors to customers in the summer of 2017.

Each space is designed with the utmost attention to detail in order to give the customer the feeling of comfort and to be able to shop with pleasure. On top of that also be able to come for a cup of coffee or a glass of sparkling wine, try a new collection and soak up the exceptional atmosphere.

We present collections which communicate our own vision of the world. We feel inspired by travelling, works of art, even the people around us. We are not afraid to raise issues about agender clothes. Therefore we create unisex designs, which perfectly well suit either female or male wardrobes. We do strongly believe that clothes should be produced without environmental damage, thus we use solely and exclusively use eco-leather, eco-suede and eco-fur in our designs.

Today our team consists of over 50 people and every day we work hard to provide quality and service for you. It is essential that you feel hip, edgy and confident in USHATÁVA clothes. We wish that our brand philosophy we translate in our show-rooms, social media and over the web site inspire you!

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